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What You Need To Know About Pressure Washing Your Fence

Fence pressure washing

Pressure washing a fence allows you to breathe new life back into your yard. When you pressure wash a fence, you get rid of dirt, grime, mold, and buildup accumulated over the years. Not only should you perform this task to renew the fence, but you should also pressure wash a fence before staining or applying a sealant to keep it protected and preserved for the future.

However, many homeowners don't realize that there are various factors to consider before getting a fence washing done on your property. The first, and probably most important, is the cost.

Usually, a homeowner can expect to spend anywhere between $125 to $235 for a fence washing, with the average homeowner spending around $180 on pressure washing a 500 square foot fence with labor and cleaners.

Contractors may also provide an estimate based on the total square footage of the fence. Although a home may be priced by linear feet for pressure washing jobs, fence pressure wash jobs are typically estimated by square footage. Contractors may also charge by the hour, and depending on how long the job takes, it can turn out to be more expensive than a contractor who charges by the square foot. In some cases, contractors can charge homeowners anywhere between $75 to $125 per hour for a fence washing; they can even set a travel fee if they're traveling from outside the area.

Knowing what to expect will help you tailor your budget and find a professional pressure washer to suit that budget. It will also help if you talk to prospective pressure washers about their packages for different types of fencing and consult with them about the materials your fence is made of. That will also determine the level of pressure washing you may need and which company will be best suited to handle it.

Types Of Fencing

In most cases, homeowners have wooden fences enclosing their property. But not every wooden fence is the same. Softwood types like cedar and pine may require a power washer and lower PSI since pressure washing can damage the wood if the pressure is too high, whereas hardwood types like oak and redwood can handle the strong PSI from pressure or power washers. The same goes for vinyl fences, which are non-porous, and can also take the strength of a pressure washer.

Of course, metallic fences like chain-link fences are also strong enough to handle the PSI of a pressure washer. These fences are mainly used for commercial purposes and are usually sturdy and easy to clean. The only concern with a metallic fence would be the rust that may develop over time, and even then, it would be reasonably easy to remove with the right cleaning solution.

Hiring a pressure washing company to keep your fences maintained can be slightly pricey. Still, if you do your research and budget accordingly, you should be able to find a pressure washing company that can do the job for a reasonable price. At BBR Soft Washing LLC, we offer affordable cleaning packages for your fences. Our cleaning solution will remove any buildup of dirt, and we use the same low-pressure soft wash system that we use in our house washing service to rinse your fence without causing any damage. So, if you're looking for safe and reliable fence washing, please call us at 443-547-0013 for a consultation and estimate today!

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